This is your opportunity to look and listen, and connect with consumers.  

Tune in to the Talking Points blog, follow us on Twitter and engage through posts on our Facebook page to see how people are reacting to packaging in the marketplace - yours and your competitor's. Join the conversation, ask questions - remembering that we are first and most importantly about gathering consumer insights, spurring innovation and letting people know you hear them.


Full Service Research

PARK Research Partners is a full service marketing research firm established on a firm foundation of knowledge, experience and a profound commitment to doing what is right. As the driving force behind PackageSPEAK, we know that tapping into the consumer mindset and understanding organic behavior is critical in "designing to delight". We stand ready to serve as your insights and inspiration partner. While packaging is a passion, we are also well able to support efforts in new product development. Often, the two go hand in hand as one plays off the other.


PackageSPARK for Ideation

A flexible program designed to inspire - PackageSPARK is an on-site ideation workshop that encourages packaging concept and design exploration from a holistic perspective, all hands on deck, everything on the table. Key strategic initiatives and objectives are at the forefront while the program guides you and your cross-functional team to consider every element of your product's packaging in search of opportunity. Contact us to learn how the program can be tailored to your needs.




Sponsorship Opportunities

Consumers are buying, touching, using and talking about packaging - YOUR packaging. Here is your opportunity to let them know you are listening and that you would like to hear more. Sponsorship opportunities are available in various forms and formats. Utilize our social media reach with sponsored tweets or posts on our Facebook page, or sponsor a blog post. We encourage you to use these opportunities to ask questions, bearing in mind our intention of gathering insights and spurring conversation. Perhaps you will choose to promote a new packaging design through PackageSPEAK while gathering feedback. 

Opportunities for sponsorship are offered as a way for you to reach out and connect as well as support the efforts of PackageSPEAK as an advocate for great packaging. Contact us directly for more information and to discuss creative ways for you to support the initiative for great packaging.