Tetris® - The Home Version

The video game, Tetris®, challenges us to line up and stack squares in an orderly manner to fill a space.  That’s a game I feel like I play every time I return from the grocery store with bags of items for the pantry, the refrigerator, and the freezer.  But instead, I’m dealing with cans, pouches, bottles, boxes, canisters and bags of all different shapes and sizes.   Where is the “Help” button?

Some foods, like cereal, I sometimes transfer to canisters, and snack bars, dried fruit and those kid-friendly gummy things get dumped into colorful bins.  Other items are generally left in their original packaging to jockey for space on the shelves.  From time to time, things fall to the ground or get shuffled to the back and forgotten.  Many times, I end up having three (or more!) of something on hand only because I couldn’t see what I had when making the shopping list.  Other times, I’d like to stock up when there is a sale on a favorite item, but where would I put it?

Even more challenging is the refrigerator and freezer where space is really limited.  How many times have you searched for that cream cheese that you know you just bought?  At least some refrigerator items have “assigned seats” in the door – I can always find the milk. 

My freezer is typically a disaster.  Items are piled on top of others, shoved into crevices, twisted, mangled.  Lots of things go in, but only a few come out.  It typifies the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” 

The Container Store® was founded on our need for storage and organization tools.  I just don’t know why I need to spend more of my money to solve the issue.  Maybe, just maybe, the companies whose brands we love could think a bit more about how we manage their packages in the home.  Products are clearly packaged to look great on the store shelves.  Merchandisers and stock persons work very hard make sure the products are stacked neatly, that they stand straight.  The large “face panels”, or “billboards” as they are known, are turned to face out so that we see the items and hopefully buy them.  In the store, every product has its “assigned seat”.  So in the store, they are winning the game of Tetris.  For me, at home, it feels like “Game Over!”

My questions to you…How do you manage your pantry, your refrigerator, your freezer – with all of the different types of products and packages?  How do you keep track of what you have on hand?  How has the way products are packaged helped?  How has the way products are packaged made it more difficult?  If you dare, show us pics of your pantry, fridge and freezer challenges on our Facebook page