Like the First Time, Every Time

When you grab an ice cold can of soda, and you crack the tab…that first sip is always the best.  I used to get so annoyed with a friend of mine.  I’d often ask for his help to open the can (protect the manicure, you know) and he’d be kind enough to open it for me, but then he’d take the first sip!  Ugh!  That first sip was meant for ME! 

Apparently there are others who, like me, appreciate that feeling of opening or enjoying something for the first time, when everything is clean, crisp and new.  Altoids® Mints picked up on this and long ago designed packaging to deliver an experience that is “like the first time, every time”.  With their original metal tin and the crisp parchment paper liner, the packaging felt just as fresh, first mint to last. 

It seems that there is a certain excitement or appeal in opening any type of package or product for the first time – something akin to that new car smell.  Food packaging that delivers that experience each time, every time, lets us feel as if we are partaking in a great meal, not left-overs. 

My questions to you… What product or packaging, if any, delivers that initial “aahhhh” moment for you?  How do you feel when packaging fails to deliver an appealing experience, when it looks worn, torn or messy with use?  Visit our Facebook page and show us your old, worn out packaging, and let’s encourage those companies to provide you with a better experience.